About us

Ceramics of  incomparable grace and beauty are creations of art which Anthony Atsonios  inherited from his father and grandfather. Continuing family tradition now broadcasts all his knowledge to his son John Atsonios, graduate of the School of Pottery.

Atsonios Handmade Ceramics  under the authority of Anthony J. Atsonios continues a tradition aged since 1870. In the picturesque port of Vathi of Sifnos island Atsonios family is still operating one of the last traditional kilns and workshops.

Today John Atsonios  is enriching ceramic creations with new forms and contemporary designs. Key to the success of the firm is also the modern management of the company, ensuring efficiency and consistency to taken orders.

Atsonios firm retains the traditional laboratory to "Tsopos" Vathy Sifnos. With passion, knowledge, memories and the roots of a bygone era creates the art of today.