Each handmade piece of pottery, utilitarian or decorative, is a very unique one. None is identical to another. The construction starts from the clay taking shape "to the wheel" in the hands of Antonis Atsoniou or his son John. The sun  dries the original clay in the beginning. The powerful electric oven which is operating at 1000C temperature, will to do the rest of the job. Special ecological paints are used during the next step which is the artistic painting of the items.After this step the big electric oven is waiting all items for the second cooking. Atsonios Pottery workshop is located at Vathi (Tsopos beach) where our guests have the opportunity to see all the steps of production. In case you wish to buy some items you can do so as the exhibition is in the same building.
Recently the old furnaces of the company were renovated. Tourists are welcome to visit this small museum to understand how  those furnaces were operating with wood during past times.